HP Elite X3 review 2018 Windows mobile still getting new updates!


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  1. This is an awesome phone, I bought one a while back for business, but now as the os is essentially dead, Im back on Android. I would love to root Android on this pone, but cant find any instructions.

  2. First smartphone I ever purchased was a Windows phone. I then tried Android and iOS. I enjoyed the Windows phone the most. Thank you for this review. I honestly thought Windows mobile was dead.

  3. Its May 2018 and I find it hillarious that Twitter actually bothered to update their App for Windows 10 as well as Windows mobile. ROFL. Talk about too little too late.

  4. I'm willing to bet HP is more disappointed than anybody else about the discontinuation of Windows Phone. HP has got to feel like they've been fucked in the ass. HP brings out the HP Elite and MS says bye-bye. What a croc o' shit!

  5. Robert I am planning to buy this phone in the month of may. Currently I am using 640XL want to upgrade as I a big fan of this device.Have never used an android or IOS device, I am a student. Would you recommend me buying this?

  6. The HP Elite does have a glance screen but you have to enable it and it's not the native W10 Mobile glance screen. W10 Mobile is not getting any more updates as far as new features, they will continue with security updates only. I'm keeping my Lumia 950 until the day it quits working.

  7. Windows 10 Phone Edition is dead, but that doesn't mean you won't have updates nor does it mean your phone will stop working the day that Microsoft committed to ending the platform. Since the lifespan of a phone is really only a few years anyway, as long as the apps remain updated and available within the store, you should be fine.

    Microsoft did spend their own money to help third parties to develop apps as well as making their own apps. There was a point where Microsoft actually paid companies and developers to port apps to the mobile platform. Microsoft made a huge investment in the Visual Studio tools used to develop apps in order to help make cross-platform development easier. Still no joy. It's a shame because there were many great things about the platform.

  8. yes finally someone on YouTube who hasn't given up on windows phone thank god ( SUBSCRIBED)I still use windows phone and have been for the last 3 years or so and absolutely love it fuck using android and iOS so boring I use the 950 xl love the phone to bits and in my opinion still the best phone out there and best windows phone

  9. Great looking phone. Brilliant device. Love this phone and have had it almost a year and still fantastic – actually better than when I got it. Windows mobile is soooooo much better than Android crap. 950xl is very fast and the HP are very similar in speed.

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