HTC Magic Android Smartphone Unboxing


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  1. can you? and what does it has to do with me being german? This is a smartphone means you will have it on you for at least 10 hours a day. If it can't stand 10 minutes with me, it's not worth the money….
    but especially for you, i will do my next unboxing wearing white gloves… and i might even whisper 😉

  2. Ass. HTC Magic is its development name. and the first version is a little bit different then the mytouch, in design, and features. The HTC Magic isnt with google. Its just straight from HTC

  3. i am not so sure about the growing up thing, i think i am just fine cause i am not the person who thinks a smartphone is a piece of art that needs to be treated like a raw egg. Maybe i should wear some white gloves the next time. Would that make you feel better? The usual Youtube crap starts with people like you, having no clue about shit but are getting so attracted by the "Post Comment" button cause it's just so easy to leave an anonymous comment! Get offline!

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