HTC One M8 with Windows Phone 8.1


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  1. I've been watching your videos lately and am subscribed to TechQuickie. I'm not ready to watch this video again after I first saw some of it when it came out, it still reeks of Critical Research Failure (you can swipe to type on the keyboard) and too much finger pointing at MS for Google problems.

  2. One instant fail: THAT MENU.
    I have stated numerous times throughout the years that I detest Xbox's boxy interface, and seeing it elsewhere…yeah, a definite turnoff. Some boxes are small, some are normal sized, some are rectangles that take up two slots…ugh.

  3. Bob Tabor keeps on saying that Windows Phone is better than iOS and Android.
    And that brings me to this—I'm in love with my Nokia Lumia 920. It is without a doubt the coolest device I've ever owned—and trust me, I own several of the most popular devices built on other platforms available on the market today. If you're interested in Windows Phone 8 development, it's not a requirement, but I think you will really want to own one of these phones. It's not just a great developer testbed for the apps you build, but it's a great DEVICE. Let me tell you about my favorite features:

    Great camera—My wife is constantly asking me to send her the pics I take with my phone because her i…her, um, less capable phone…just doesn't even compare, especially in low light situations.
    NFC—Near Field Communications…exchange data with other NFC phones regardless of platform.
    Pinning—You can pin anything to the start page…music, websites, apps…and I seek out apps that update the tiles with new information so I don't have to open up the app, for example, to see the weather, or my calendar, or the countdown to my vacation.
    Wireless charging—Yes, you can buy a case for just about any phone that will do this, but it's built INTO THE PHONE!
    Voice commands—Great for creating OneNote TODO items, or sending a text message while I'm on the road.
    The other cool thing is that the platform is growing…every time I do a demo of my phone, I convert another user. I've got my family and friends convinced that this is their next phone when their contract comes up for renewal. And I just read an article about the growth of the enterprise market for app builders, which is really exciting.

  4. If you're still watching this in 2017. I have a Window Phone.
    You see right about the time Linus made this video, I was given as a gift a Windows Phone. I liked it, it was fast, it was secure, it had some of the apps that android had but not all. But the main difference back then was the speed.
    A cheap 100$ Windows Phone was faster than an flagship Android phone that was 700$.
    Back then seemed like a no brainer. I even commented on this video back then that Linus was wrong. That he just didn't get it. You can search for my comments here.
    After using my Windows Phone for 3 years now. I have to say that Windows Phone is worst operating system ever created.

    First of all Microsoft themselves abandoned their platform. Secondly the developers abandoned the platform as well.
    Thirdly over time it becomes slow, unresponsive, it crashes a lot in ways that the only solution is to re-install Windows, go figure. Even after multiple re-installations of the OS, it still a mess. I could write a novel about all that's wrong with Windows Phone, but let's not.
    Thing is stay away from Windows Phone. You'll thank me later.

  5. These are brand new for $200 which is a steal in my book, I use one as my daily driver with the Dot View Case. IOS and Android are just plain clunky for me and I can care less about app support I chose the platform that felt the closest to WebOS and Window is it. Also the app gap is being bridged everyday. As newer apps are being ported.

  6. had both phones and would take the windows phone by far any day. even with less apps the phone just worked so much better and actually was more fluid to use with less stuttering, hiccups or crashes which the Android version was riddled with. sadly Verizon isn't selling decent windows phones anymore so I know longer have a choice but go to Android phones none of which have wowed me since the windows phone one m8

  7. A few weeks after this video I set out on a journey of using windows phone and put down my old andriod and now looking back at it windows phone is getting worse as my phone kept on rebooting out of nowhere I updated to windows ten and s*** that is so bad its laggy and did a update that caused me to no longer be able to use apps so I went back to 8.1 few days later in writing a comment on a video that came out in 2014 on an s7 I missed out on so much

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