#htchelp Move stuff from an old Android phone to a new one


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  1. Hi,
    Does this app check for duplicate files in the transfer process so you don't get multiple copies of the same file or have issues and have to manually skip every duplicate in the transfer process?

    The phone kiosk I go to at Costco used the At&t transfer app but I want to do a 2nd run through to be sure it got everything. It seems a manufacturer-specific (HTC) app would do the job most thoroughly and best. Thanks! -Jane

  2. Im trying to move messages from my htc desire x to htc m8 and i tired this metod 1st, and it all goes well, old phone is pushing messages, but on new phone i get scucces but with 0/0 messages, and nothing is actualy transfered….

  3. #HTCOne  How do I transfer the actual screen configuration (icons, group of icons, widgets, and their locations) from my old HTC One to a new HTC One? I have done it before and I can not remember how I did it, even after several attempts.

  4. +Gurung Krishna Sagar Yes, you can use this method to transfer content from your Xperia to your HTC One. There should be an option there to transfer from a different brand of Android phone.

  5. Hi, yes, you can move stuff from your galaxy s to the HTC One. You will need to download the HTC Transfer Tool to your Galaxy phone from the Google Play Store. Let us know if you need further help. Thanks.

  6. Hi.I have Htc Droid Incredible 2. I tried transfering my files and I followed all the instructions but when I click on the Htc Transfer Tool my wifi turns off and my HTC one just keep on "Preparing toTransfer" and it doesnt connect to my old phone.

  7. Hi, it's only available in the new HTC One and later phones such as Butterfly S. If you're moving your stuff from your old phone to your new HTC One, you need to download the HTC Transfer tool to your old phone.

  8. Our apologies if the purpose of HTC Transfer wasn't clear. From what I understand, you customized your new HTC One and transferred all your apps to it first before running HTC Transfer to transfer the old stuff from your old phone to your new HTC One. If this is what happened, then yes your customized HTC One will be overwritten with the stuff from your old phone (if you selected all the items) as this is what HTC Transfer is suppose to do. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. Hello! I was wondering when you do this using the transfer tool if it also includes that Data stored on the SD card that is currently in the phone. This is a major thing for me sense Most of my data, music, pictures etc, are on the SD card. Please respond soon if the time allows. Thanks!

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