I checked out this Android phone…My Android Story [#LamarrInTheCar]


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  1. I like when you take us back I tech time. Currently I'm using an old amp prime because yeah Google runs my life for now. ?P. S. Don't get tickets on us. Stay safe in that LA traffic. ?

  2. I like both iOS and android. I use an LG K7 phone. I also use an iPhone 5s and an iPad mini 4. So in my opinion android and iOS have their own unique style. Some apps I like on my android phone but I cannot get it on the iOS phone. Although my iPhone 5s does have a better camera than my LG K7. This is my opinion on android and iOS.

  3. I have been using iPhone 7 for few weeks after 6 years of using android, and i believe now that android is way more advanced and smart OS.
    The reason why I still have the iPhone is Snapchat.

  4. I absolutely love my pixel. Pre-ordered it when it was announced and it doesn't disappoint. I had the one plus one and unfortunately it had some bugs and the customer support wasn't that great so had to get rid of it.

  5. I use the iPhone 7 plus. I used android before and it just didnt work with what i like, so i went apple 2 years ago and i love it, all love for android tho, yall have some shit that i wish apple went with

  6. I counted 8 spits LOL. Anyway, I used to be an android fan. I will admit I made fun of Apple people. For years I was all about android. Then I had to use and iPhone 6 Plue for a week and I was hooked! So easy to use and it was the only phone that I could take good pics with. I went from wanting all the new phones as they come out to being happy with just my iPhone.

    I then got a Mac for my computing and loved it and will never go back to Windows. I also have the iPad Pro and love it. I only went to the iPhone 7 Plus because I broke my 6.

    The only thing I miss about my android phones and tablets is the "live Wallpapers" I had a cool X-mas one and Halloween one I miss but that's all I miss. I had to use an HTC a while back as my iPhone was broke from my dropping it, I was lost. So many things you have to click on to find stuff and so on. So as I say, I love how simple the iPhone is. I don't hate Android now I just don't like it anymore for me.

  7. 7 Plus. Love it for camera, being fast, stable, updates come fast, more app support, great battery, works great with all my apple products. Love using iMessage on my mac and iPad

  8. I'm all about Apple. I have an iPhone, iPad mini, MacBook Air, and a pair of Beats Solo 3 headphones. I used to have a 4th generation iPod touch but I sold it when they kinda became irrelevant. I just love how well Apple's products work together and the OS is extremely easy to use. The iOS feels so much faster and simpler than any version of Android.

  9. I had an Android phone in the past, but I personally love iOS because it is much easier to use. In the end it doesn't matter, because I have both Apple and Android, but I would prefer my phone to be iOS, and to have an Android tablet.

  10. I upgrade from the LG Optimus zip to LG Stylo 2LTE and it works perfect. The utube is good and connects to my smart tv like nothing can watch utube all day if i want and do. I dont care about the best phone or a new phone ever year I like putting my money to games new and retro. Also my phones normally last me 5 years.

  11. I'm stuck in apple's ecosystem, not because I want to be but because I've been buying all of my music, apps, tv shows, etc… on iTunes for years, so now I'm forced to stay with Apple lol, plus everyone else has an iPhone so iMessage is a must lol

  12. I was looking at the 3T but it was too expensive. I opted for the ZTE Axon 7 at black friday, not much price difference from 3T but at least it tends to go on sale. great value phone still looks "fancy" and get the job done.

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