Install Android apps on windows phone 10


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  1. if you want to run an Android app buy an Android device!
    but if you like Windows 10, install it in your pc or buy a good Windows tablette
    I think that the best smartphones systems are ios and Android, the Windows is good but just in a pc or a high end tablette because you'll be able to run it as a laptop 😉

  2. ,,,thinks.i have update to windows phone 10 preview.if the final update of windows phone 10 come.can i upgrade directly from wp10 preview or i must downgrade to wp 8.1

  3. wow, am amazed, i used to own a nexus 5 now am running lumia 930 but i feel excited seeing that porting android apps on windows mobile 10 is seamless…the future of windows mobile might be brighter

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