Installing and Using the Popcorn-Time app on your android phone


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  1. guys when it says " cache folder not found" go to settings on popcorn time and find cache folder or go to my files app and find the popcorn time folder, then open it and go back to popcorn time and download👼

  2. this must be some kind of scam to get you to sign up to a vpn as it asks you to sign up as soon as you click on a movie and then wont let you play it if you dont sign up, it says cache folder not selected and no one seams to know how to select it

  3. i installed the app but quickly realized that i didn't have space on my phone for it. after i deleted the app, the storage is still full for some reason and idk why. do you think you can help?

  4. my phone doesn't let me, it says "SECURITY ALERT" "Your trying to install this unnecessary file, this file cannot be completed" and do not install Popcorn Time on computers, doesn't mean Popcorn Time force everyone to install their program, cause they will fuck your computer up, my hardrive on my computer almost got damaged, cause it was trying to delete "System 32" file, again

  5. Hey Bud! Nice tutorial for installation there. We've written a blog post for this tutorial and embedded your video in our article. Was wondering if you can place the link of our article in the description of this video to enhance the relevancy. Let us know if you're interested. Good job anyways! 🙂

  6. You dont want seeds, seed will get you caught, seeds distribute the movies to other people and your internet will eventually send you a warning. If you use utorrent make sure you stop a torrent when it says seeding. You will get arrested im not joking.

  7. tkx for the video, the thing is that i followed all the instruction and i have the apps on my phone, but am having the security recmend. about vpn and everthing … so what am supposed to do ? tkx

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