Installing Debian Linux on your Android Phone!


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  1. A huge amount of the backtrack toolkit will be useless on a tablet. (Either due to size of the device or hardware limitations) Probably best to just install the tools you need within your debian environment.

    There is an ARM Backtrack though, so it is possible.

  2. Good like finding an OpenMoko outside of Western Europe. Besides, I've already got 3 rare-earth mined phone-like blinky gadgets running Android OS. Better to use existing devices and beat them into submission.

  3. Since it's within a chroot you can't get to the UI directly through startx, but instead you must install & run a VNC server from the command line and then use an android VNC app to access the UI.

    Sounds complicated but it's rather easy.

  4. @jefftheworld , ok, so if it is debian, does the command startx give you a familiar UI? But yeah, it can be based on Debian anyway, it just, I do not really like to be stuck in a linux command place! Even through it is the true linux!

  5. It's not Debian? Why not? Just because I'm using the CLI doesn't make it any less Debian. It has all the same Debian packages, the same Debian commands, the same package manager…

  6. So, how the chrooted linux manage hardware? By some layer or direclty? Debian uses android kenel or linus's kernel? Can you install any DE you like? Kde, gnome etc? Can you use debian's repos? Can the phone's hardware call back the linux os, or communicates still with the android kernel (can you use pulseaudio server etc?)

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