iPhone 5 Screen Repair done In 3 Minutes


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  2. Incredible Jerry! Many thanks, just completed the task as per your instruction.
    Oh, and you have a very relaxing voice which helps guide one, stress free through the process. Cheers

  3. Hi. I've used your video several times to great success, however the last time the screen doesn't activate to the touch. There's a picture, texts pop up, the home button works, but the screen doesn't respond. What do you suggest.

  4. Why is it every you tube video shows when you take off the front of the iPhone 5, you automatically open up to the battery compartment? I have a big black panel in the way and can't figure out how to remove the panel.

  5. i found a ip5 and it didnt turn on , i left it on the charger over night nothing , replaced the battery and it powered on but the screen is dark dark , even if i turn the brightness all the way up, it was water damage as i saw the lil water indicator inside was pinkish. if i replace the lcd display will it work again.

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