iPhone 8 Hands On With Mock-Up


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  1. iPhone 8 article on Forbes – http://bit.ly/2p1T3yT

    iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or just iPhone? Apple's latest device is moving closer to production. This video features a 3D printed mockup based on strong speculation via various sources. The 3D drawing used for the print was provided by Benjamin Geskin – https://twitter.com/venyageskin1

    Which feature are you most excited for in the upcoming iPhone. A new camera system, wireless charging, stainless steel construction, OLED display or the extreme screen-to-body ratio? Let me know in the comments!


    This iPhone 8 Mock-up is strictly speculative. It is based on information provided via various sources including 3D drawing. The final iPhone 8 product will likely include variation from this mock-up. This video serves to offer insight into the potential iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition etc.).

  2. You not going to see a USB on a iphone, you are also probably not going to see that 3.5 jack again. The reason they got rid of the jack was they couldn't charge licensing fee's to third party producers, same applies for the USB-C. Reality is if apple cannot make money off a feature either from the consumer or third party manufactures they are not going to implement it. You will also never see a MicroSD slot on a iphone because it would negatively impacts their planned obsolescence marketing.

  3. too optimistic… if they can pull it off, it would sell like hot cakes. So, how will the optics capture images if the lens is covered by the display? if it's oled, it can turn off images around the camera I guess…so it has to use oled. With finger print, it would have to do the same to prevent false reading. Overall, I don't think it's possible in this release.

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