iPhone ATM PIN code hack- HOW TO PREVENT


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  1. jokes on you, I only use 2 different numbers in my pin code and I keep my card in my wallet which is in my zipped pocket to the point where I have issues taking it out.

  2. My friend's PIN waas 12345. She haad her bag stolen, within an hour her bank account was emptied. CHANGE THAT PIN!!!

    Also, PIN CODE?? At least he didn't say PIN Number…

  3. People laugh at the fact that this is ONLY getting the PIN and still have to get the card.  If someone is doing this, they have methods to steal your card either through a Credit Card Skimmer, RFID reader, Social Engineering or other methods.  Even though it's two-factor authentication to complete the transition, it does not mean it is fool proof.  He is simply making people aware that our information and money is under constant attack and shows one of many methods that is being used.

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