iPhone Buying Guide – April 2018


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  1. If you are buy old iPhones..buy them new. It’s useless to buy them used or refurbished because in most cases they are either broken or have bad battery life. As for the 8 and X if you are in for the newest model and cant afford the prices. I wait and soon if lucky you can buy it from a private seller for 100-200$ less

  2. Got a 6S 64GB in great condition + complete with the whole box for 300 usd. I think its a great deal. Here where I live usually it costs me more than 350-400 for the same model. I wanted to get iphone 7 but I cant stand the lack of headphone jack

  3. I bought on a £26 monthly iPhone 6s Plus with 128 go bargain & with headphones jack. The only reason I didn’t go for the iPhone 7 Plus for only £28 monthly contract with same storage 128gb is coz “NO HEADPHONES JACK “ but I’m very happy with The 6s Plus & the battery life is brilliant on it works a treat with iOS 11.3 cheers

  4. SE isn't that bad of a price , I'm on 6s plus still waiting to see what is coming in September. At this point tho, refurbished or owned iPhone if in good condition is the way to go too. It's all about preference anyway some won't let their devices go & some upgrade yearly.

  5. I went from the 5c to the 8 plus. The iPhone 5c was an amazing phone but after a while it’s age got the best of it. I would definitely go for the 8plus or 8. Even though that back is all glass I have seen no problems with it so far. If you feel like you can’t do a completely glass iPhone the 7plus and 7 are exactly the same size

  6. I think I'm getting an iPhone SE, I don't need anything more.. NOW, the question is: Space Gray or Silver/White? Which looks best on this model??

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