iPhone SE vs Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test!


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  1. iPhone SE vs Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test! iOS 10.3.3 on SE, 7.1.1 on Note 8, Slo motion tests in this video. iPhone SE did stellar as did the Note! Questions, comments, concerns, feedback below, enjoy and let's gooo!!!!

    P.S. Re-uploaded the first video servers crashed!

  2. Still have all the videos you post though I'm a huge fan of Android and iOS so it's nice to put them against each other to see how they'll treat each other in terms of speed

  3. IPhone is better just because it's easier to transfer all your stuff like music and videos and for me when I upgraded to my iPhone 4S way back in the day before I had a Android again you know nowadays it only took me like 5 minutes to transfer everything really simple and easy and fast I love Apple

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