iPhone X Review: Testing (and Tricking) FaceID


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  1. funny thing is if you ask facial recognition then most kids look very alike, doesn't have to be twins or triplets. So if the manufacturers quote is "one in a million" for adults, then it's probably more like "one in a thousand" for kids.

  2. 0:55 the dude in the background was like "woah, an Iphone X" xDDDDD

    But seriously, face ID? Really? What about just come up with a strange password that noone can guess? Like
    "SexyGirl", thats my password, go ahead, hack me I don't care

  3. Mask should be definitely able to hack it…the mask in the video didn't work because the eyes were more deeper beacause her friend were wearing it on top of mask thus increasing the distance from skin to eyes plus the the abrupt difference on depth on the forehead will not work, the hair style were different thus not able to defeat the iPhone …. triplet hacked it because they had same features…FaceID work by mapping depth of many points projected on the face. AI keep tracking of the change on the difference in depth over time, most likely with some tolerance…abrupt change means difference over the tolerance level. Video didn't deploy any engineer, an engineer would have hacked it with resources that WSJ had. Most likely, I would have.

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