iPhone X review


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  1. hello! I have a question about the gpu. It has a 3 core gpu, but other android phones from the same release date have 4,8 and 12 core gpus. Does this mean android phones with higher gpu cores are better for gaming than iphone x?

  2. The iPhone X Plus makes the iPhone X seem like a prototype, a step in the right direction, but not quite there. This year's iPhone line up is refined it's a perfected masterpiece making last year's iPhone 8/8+ seem like a rough draft. lol

    I'm just guessing what the Verge will say about this year's iPhones.😁

  3. Face ID is so awesome and reliable! Never failed me yet. Screen reacts the second you look into it. Before yoi can blink its open. It doesn’t even have to be properly positioned in front of your face. And the notch is not even an issue. Too much fuss over nothing.

  4. So, my family or friends can open my Iphone anytime they want when I am sleeping. Just by putting the phone in front of my face and boom, it's unlocked. I'll pass

  5. Hey I really like how informational all your reviews are. I'm starting a reviews channel of my own. Form all youre videos I can tell you've been a youtuber video producer for quite some time and I would vary much appreciate it if you can make a video that details the things that going through you're head when you're recording/editing and how do you think of titles

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