iPhone X vs S9 Plus Video Comparison – Low Quality 4K 60 on S9?!


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  1. You stupid donkeys,I have disliked this video because of the blatant stupidity.
    I phone X sounds cancels more background noise????
    S9 dark?? How about iPhone Over exposed

  2. The android trolls are out in force, over 500 dislikes on a side by side comparison video?! But how can anyone look past the ridiculous 5 minute record time. Are you serious!! My SLR does 30 minutes and that is only due to legal limitations and the iPhone has no limit. 5 minutes is a joke. Forget even bothering with quality. FIVE MINUTE LIMIT!!! That along with their Intelligent scan disclaimers makes this thing embarrassing.

  3. LOL HEVC says "you may not be able to view this video on any other device" and they bitch about it not being useable on another device…. IT SAYS IT IN THE DESCRIPTION… what is there to fix? Its a mode designed to SAVE SPACE ON A PHONE… not offload to another device for publication.

  4. its different bcoz it has a way of how they make it and do it so stop comparing, these two phone is amazing in every way of how you do it

    ps: just sayin😏😊❤

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