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  1. So I found this Pixel G-2PW4100 in a fleet truck at work today (I'm a mechanic) and it's actually an upgrade to my current phone. Luckily it was unlocked so I did a factory reset and got it all set up but it's not connecting my service. The different local carriers do come up and when I select mine it doesn't work. So the end of the video mentions I'll have to jump through a few more hoops. What does that mean? I've no idea who the previous owner is, if they're under contract or if they paid off the phone. If I bring it in to my service provider will they be able/willing to connect it?

  2. My phone is a T-Mobile. When I search the network only one available network came up (ATT 3g), does that mean it is unlocked? I don't have a sim card to try, but I guess I will check with a card over the weekend. Thanks much.

  3. My Sprint S8+ is paid off. I asked for it to be unlocked a week ago. They claim it is unlocked but it clearly shows it is still locked to Sprint SIM cards only.
    I am unable to port it to Verizon as it is. Sprint (after 5 hrs of phone runaround) stated there is nothing more they can do.

  4. Can anyone assist please? In process of switching carriers while retaining phone # I am permanently locked out of my phone. My new carrier doesn't have ability to assist with any unlock (it is locked by AT&T), however, At&T says the phone number transfer has taken place and my only recourse is to start a new account with them, as the number is already gone and out of their control (this happened in about an hour's time). Does AT& T have to help? I get nowhere with customer service. Is there an FCC form? I need my service ASAP.

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