Is This The Perfect Android Phone?


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  1. I am agree with Danny Winget , This is one of the best phone as of now,
    But only the 2 main disadvantages I saw in this phone are front camera 5MP whereas G5 has 8MP , And fm Radio is not available in v20 which is available in G5.
    If we are paying a big cost then camera pixels should be good i think.

    However upcoming days peoples said LG G6 will be launched soon, in which 21/12 MP will be back and front 8mp with 835 snapdragon with projector features will be there.
    But that is not a cool in looks like v20.
    So v20 might be better if we want a phone or using at least 4-5years no more phones required.

  2. I had a note 7 and when there was a recall I got a V20. Screen maybe a little less vibrant but makes up for it with better sound, handy 2nd mini screen at top, camera and removable battery. Casing is not as sturdy as Note 7 as dropped LG from car seat to find a small dent (aluminum thinner on corners than Note 7). Bang and Olsen Headphones with V20 plus free extra battery made me buy this phone and so far no regrets.

  3. I bought this phone 3 days ago. I have a pair of Audiotecnica MSR 7 which I absolutely love. This phone once you trick it to work on AUX mode is a bloody beast!!!! WOW!!!

  4. great phone Danny had it for lol bit now!3d wallpapers with your name is cool.but def appreciate it's strength.this is my fifth lg and its pretty boss has a gs7 and she likes mine better!07 started my smartphones had 3 iPhones and more recently 5 lgs all great but luv no button to open screen!lgs signature double tap!

  5. water resistant, dual front facing speakers, 5000mah battery, full white front and back color and front and back finger print scanners. i know sounds insane. but to be honest both location has good and bad. so why not put front and back fingerprint sensors, its just me.

  6. I'm really impressed with this phone dude!
    Just found out about it a few days ago because my Samsung note 4 has been going off the rails lately & I can't find a solution. With all the controversy behind the Samsung "not 7" lol, I'm needing a change. Thanks for helping me make up my very skeptical mind…

  7. This phone sucks. The phone I received yesterday at the sprint store doesnt have a gallery stock app it forces you to use google gallery app. You have ZERO acess to reset the APN to receive and send MMS. I like the style but LG itself is shit. lol

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