Kali Nethunter Rom – Most Advanced Hacking OS – Redmi note 4


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  1. I can't see something special in this rom except the included apps that I think I can install on any rom and the root access, and ofcourse the wallpaper…

  2. Hi brow! You're certain a really good youtuber hacker! I've buyed this exatly phone a few days ago
    , can you make a video tutorial teaching how to install this system on my xiaomi redmi 4 phone?? I'll be very thankful for this !!

  3. This is fucking fake guys, I have a better way but requires a better device, go download kali linux iso and download limbo pc emulator then create a virtual machine and select the iso and install kali linux and boom you have kali linux as a virtual machine on ANDROID

  4. Kali nethunter is indeed a hacking rom,this guy is just presenting the features to you. If u want guides learn about linux commands o from the oo guides there are in the web

  5. Wow! You're amazing! ( – _ – )this is more to 'KALING LINUX' to me..why u dont just install that KALI TOOLS instead of reformat into that ROM??and you cant guaranteed if that rom stable.Can u remove your video please.Do a good one before u posting it cuz this is faaaaaar beyond noob thing to do.

  6. hi !!! man i just followed all ur steps and got kali nethunter installed but it doesnt have custom nethunter apps :S chroot cant even work and no updates are working .is it not working because of the ROM

  7. List to do;
    1. Set phone to recovery mod2. Wipe all except sd card3. Install AOP Extend ROM n clear cache4. Install Nethunter file n clear cache5. Install SuperSu n clear cache6. Reboot

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