KODI 17.4 FULL RELEASE – Install Guide all Devices , ANDROID , FIRE STICK & WINDOWS (2017)


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  1. Hi. Updated on firestick. All good except got a black screen when trying to access file manager in settings. Same with event manager and profiles. Others ok. Any help Please?

  2. Let's  say you have Plex  Cloud  LINKED  to  Your Videos  or MOVIE PLAYLIST Stored  on Google Drive  CLOUD , or Microsoft One drive CLOUD STORAGE  and you  Want to Exchange these Playlist with  a Friend .

    But your Friend  Olny has a Simple  WINDOW LAPTOP  with  A Plex Account .Would'nt it be Nice IF you could just Send a Invitation to your Friend thru EMAIL,  and  have a Micro Copy of the Google Drive , and Microsoft Windows CLOUD  ARCHITECTURE delivered 

    with  all your Playlist  Videos and  Movie  SYNC  on Their Plex SERVER , and Instantly  backup  and  Tagged on his Computer and  Your  Plex CLIENT Computer for Future Reference 

    with  Address IP TRANSCODING, Device info and anything Else you  All wants to SHARE  .

    So you  have a  Two Way Multiple  Exchange, Initiated by one HTTP  Smart MICRO-CLOUD  CONNECTION  that Know all Traffic,  Including Device Type  ,PC, Network Status  ,TRANSCODING   Streaming info ECT. On Both Computer's

  3. Another brilliant upload. Just done the Windows Kodi upload, not ever done anything like this with Kodi so on with my own build from Doc Sciffy's back catalogue for the best add ons. Cheers Doc S.

  4. Will you be doing a video for a build that will be suitable and work well on the 17.4. Or can you let me know which one to go for from your videos. I am currently on 17.3 with the alliance build that you done previously on the fire stick.

  5. Hello mate good vid, complete novice with this not got a scooby, could you help me with sports please football really, use to be able to watch by now finding it a nightmare

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