Launcher 8: Walkthrough (Windows Phone 8.1 Launcher)


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  1. Thanks, the "Launcher 8 WP style" is the most customizable of many different free&paid metro-style launchers I tried. Just curious – is the free version really free and clean of ads and won't it start bugging me after some time?

    And is the "LAUNCHER 8 PRO" any better? It costs 4.31 EUR and is one year older than the free "Launcher 8 WP style", so I'm not sure which one is better now – the free and new or the paid and older…

  2. It looks good but for me it's the slowest launcher I've ever used. It slowed my whole phone down. I've tried many different launchers & I experienced more lag with this one than any other. As soon as I switched back to lightning launcher everything went back to normal. YMMV but for me it was to laggy to keep using.

  3. Hey, I really enjoy Android but have also been intrigued by the Windows Phone.  After visiting the Microsoft Store in the mall over the weekend and seeing some of the elite Windows Phones I've decided to try a Windows launcher for my Android device.  I haven't opened it yet, but am curious if it'll support the Google Now app that allows you to voice query your phone and for it to talk back?  I use that feature and would like to keep it…

  4. Hi. 1. How do you get the icon logos to pop up when you're trying to change an icon logo. I don't get that, I just get sent to my own picture gallery. 2. Can you show how to create custom tiles/widgets?

  5. My wallpaper use to be stationary and centered but now when I set the wallpaper it splits it between my home screen and my apps list. So basically I get the left half of my wallpaper on my home screen and the right half on my apps screen.  Anyone have this same problem or know how to fix this?

  6. hey guys did you want an windows 8.1 theme?
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  7. I have  a windows phone, but am getting tired of waiting for some apps and with my coin card coming and no windows phone support I may be switching to android. Does this launcher have the notification bar and folders that is now used in windows phone 8.1.1?

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