Lenovo K5 Plus Budget Smartphone Unboxing & Overview


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  1. hello ranjit I want to buy smartphone. i can't decide between k5 plus with 3GB ram version and moto e3 power please suggest. i want good performance and camera.or should i wait for such phone. my budget is 7k to 8.5k

  2. ok as i know lenovo is a goofy product still people buying…. cz i buy S930 is not working for me last 3 years ago… making me scare abt lenovo campany..

    every time i passing by check out lenovo shop got few customer complain abt their phone is laggy even frm 2014, 2015 and 2016… still people complain abt lenovo tht is why till today i not buy yet cz 2013 is making losing trust on lenovo product…

    so now u posting K5 plus…. if u think is a good phone i wait people buy it use it later ask for opinions is this goofy phone is working on u or wasting money for 1 year feeling sad abt lenovo product… i wait if u not lying in future i will buy lenovo product if people still complain it…. sorry i not buying…. the end…

  3. I'm confused.. Amazon is giving the same phone as 'Vibe k5' (2gb RAM) for 7500Rs but Flipkart is giving this phone as 'Vibe k5 Plus' (3gb RAM) for 8500 Rs. And is it upgradeable to Marshmallow..?

  4. In the Lenovo device manual, it is mentioned that the cord and accessories of the smartphone contains lead which causes cancer. Wash hands after handling it. Please reply soon to this sir?

  5. Ranjit, wish to talk with what Flipkart claims at the RAM difference online, 3GB at RAM w/ 16GB of Internal Storage checked elsewhere , I've recently ordered the device, please explain if there's any resolution to this.

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