LG k7 Unboxing & Review – Best $49 Budget Phone of 2016!!


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  1. i still have this phone downloaded massive amounts of apps on it its very solid the only thing bad about the phone its the keyboard its tiny but i installed Flexky Keyboard problemo solved

  2. I can't put my sim card in…every time i try i feel like i'm pulling the skin off my fingers! it won't budge so i can put it in…i thought you were gonna show that…help…don't wanna return it…cus i'm attached to it now

  3. f**ck this phone when I open the internal storage. it said 400 mb left out of 4gb whenever I download a movie on playstore it said not enough space but I have 32 GB memory card on my phone when I go to setting there is no option that you can't directly download to SD card only on internal.

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