LG Swift/Optimus 7 LG-E900 hands on – Windows Phone 7


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  1. He asked for a simple yes or no to a question, not for some "faggot" which is also not a word, to say that to him… why the fuck would you do that? would you want that said to you if you asked about something serious to you? No so fuck off troll.

  2. @caturn88
    iOS does a dumbass screen draw too..
    iOS is a retarded version of linux.
    MS has more money spent in R&D then Apple and Droid combined they just dont market as high a % as Apple does.
    iOS has some open source, but a closed platform.
    Droid is better as its an open OS but chaotic non-standard platform.

    PS they did this all in Washington, the problem was getting all their services to sync and be coherent/link with another. The GUI was the easy part.

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