LG V20 // Most Underrated Android Phone of 2016


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  1. Armando, what would you suggest to jump to from the Note 7 since they got recalled again? I'm on Tmo with Jump. Seems the best option will be this V20, or, unfortunately the iPhone 7……lord help me…….lol! Just not sure about LG phones, as I've never owned one. And I've heard the V10 had some kind of boot loop issue?

  2. maybe a silly question, but can we use those pre production v20 s , i know u have to turn them back to have the final ones but do you think we can go with them anyway ? (just had those pre production ones)

  3. man idc about removablility.. if that's a word. is the actual battery good or not? I can't imagine it gets over 4 hrs of screen on time with just a 3200mah on a 5.7in qhd screen. the V10 battery life is utterly pathetic.

  4. S T I L L waiting on a Canadian release date and price point. It's looking like I'll have to go with the OP3 at this rate. Sad, cause I was amped about the removable battery & expandable storage. Damn it LG, why won't you take my money 🙁

  5. You my friend have just nailed the best review of the LG V20 damn! Wish all these other reviewers pick a leaf from u, but I guess they all got their brains stack on "oh! the metal&glass build of S7 or whining about how Apple removed the headphone jack from iPhone 7- neglecting all these essential specs n features that only LG still offers in modern day flagship phones!

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