Microsoft admits Windows Phone is dead (CNET News)


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  1. Gotta love the pompus sarcasm from people who never gave the OS a chance because it didn't have a game they liked or they heard it wasn't good from someone else. I've been done with WM for about 3 years and I miss it to death. So much more intuitive, reliable, and sophisticated than Android or iOS.

    I could write a 10-page essay on why live tiles are dramatically better than static icons. Typical consumers and undying brand loyalty baffles me.

  2. No, Windows 10 Mobile is being replaced. Phones running Windows are far from dead, it so funny to see people create their own narrative and spread rumors to stir up controversy. Microsoft is still filing patents and working on Phone/Mobile projects, just because they choose not to share the particulars with the world of tech plagiarists doesn't mean they aren't making a phone, it means they learned some valuable possibly expensive lessons in this world of cutthroat business.

  3. I love Windows Mobile 10 and Lumia 950! I have almost everything what I need. And I don't want change to Android or even iOS. Low volume of users because of no new Mobile devices since October 2015!!! JUST START MAKING NEW AWESOME DEVICES! Stop throwing your fans!

  4. Windows phone was dead the moment Kingdom Hearts UX didn't get released on it. That was a HUGE consideration on the part of many in the community. Win10 has some really nice features, awesome cameras on the devices (real nice pieces of hardware, better and cheaper than a lot of iPhone cameras and Samsungs) but all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. No KH, no Win Phone for me…

  5. How can they do that after Making us buy the phone.. Just because you tried its your responcebility to carry on providing apps fk you Microsoft..and stop building your devices to do its own thing and make it serve the customer not you

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