Mobile tracker / anti-theft for Android phone with Avast


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  1. Hello sir
    Sir pta nahi achanak se mere mobile tracker mai kya ho gya mujhe whatsaap ki jankari nahi mil rahe hai pahle to msg aate the lakin abhi aane bnd ho gye sir aap bateye kya problem ho skte hai sir its very urgently

  2. The First a thief would do is 1. Remove the Sim 2. Factory reset it. 3. Thats it. Install any no. of so called "anti-theft" app. It just a gimmick. Unless you root your phone, even then its not granted that app will work. Be realistic here.

  3. ranjit ji, can we track unknown mobile number as i am grtting too much call from 1 number and wanted to find who is it and where pls do reply and thankyou, you make good videos

  4. Hi , which anti theft app will prevent Android phone from being switch off unless pin number ?  if the phone is activated either on proximity sensor, remove from charger or move from original position, the thief can still switch the phone off under one minute and walk away.

  5. Mr Ranjeet , I need to know if my mobile was stolen and someone switch off my mobile in that case is this app work or not or must be my stolen phone on and connected with internet if this condition apply then this app might not be helpful for us please tell us can we use this app when my phone is switch off

  6. how I can delete this app ? becase I put my sister number if my phone will be stolen and she received every day 200 msg…so now I want to delete but when I want to press off they say unfortunately settings has stopped ,but other antivirus I can switch on/off just this it's a problem..if someone just can help me.tnx.

  7. ok what number do i need to text to somebody stole my old android phone i only used it for music and connected it to wifi but i had avast on it is it a way i can track it still

  8. Great Alternative: Samurai Anti Theft
    Samurai is Anti Theft app that does not require third-party Servers and Websites

    Samurai is anti theft app that does not require third-party Servers and externals Websites to run. Everything is under your supervision and control.
    Simply operation, you only have to send an email with the commands you want to realize Samurai and will respond to the same email. No third-party Servers, no externals WebSites that control you, any transfer will be by under control of your email.

    Samurai is server itself, you are constantly looking at an email account that you can fully configure (such as a Gmail email account) to receive orders. If it detects a new email with an order of correct email, that you specify, perform action and answer you via email.

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  10. dear,
    i want to know that if the thief removes the simcard then what will happen? so try to do something for that otherwise nothing will help us , my self expecting some inbuilt app associated with IMEI number that will help a lot ,
    first we want to synchronise our mobile with laptop or desktop with that inbuilt app, that app should provide a spacific password to us the we remotely we can block the mobile or access the mobile.

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