MOGA Pocket Gamepad Review – Make an Android Phone a Game Console


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  1. Hi. Thank you for the review. Did you ever tried this controller with Android TV (MK809 IV)..? I bought this stick along with Rii I8 mini keyboard which does not support Android games like Temple run and subway surf, where as it supports Riptide GP. So can you confirm about the compatibility with Android TV..? It will be more useful before I buy it.

  2. Sadly modern combat 4, the only good fps for android has really lucky multiplayer in that everyone runs around using the same gun or the same grenade launcher and kills you in half a second. you would think a controller is an advantage but it isn't. Critical strike just sucks in general and there isn't anything else available. Gameloft has no customer support so I don't want to buy any more of their games to try them. Out of all the games I've played on my kindle tablet, only emulators truly use bluetooth controllers well.

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