Must Watch: Android Phone Replaces The PC [ColdFustion]


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  1. Dagogo! It was your videos that made me a samsung fan! I have used the note 2 all the way to note 8!!! The only note I skipped was the note 7. couldn't get my hands on the note 7 or its fan edition comeback. I love your videos ! I dont know why you didnt do more note videos but thank you for blowing my world with all this information!

  2. what was the deal back then? you thought adding another letter to fusion would make it sound more interesting? do u realise how retarded that word sounds now? i think i do, because you've changed it.. would have loved to see how you'd hook up with TED talks when your channel name was gramaticaly incorrect, you dumbass..i see stupid people on youtube everyday trying to "bring something new" but this…this is fuckin stupid.. wasn't it enough that your name is DAGOGO?? do u realize that sounds like a dog's toy? you went full retard and went with it for a few years, i see.. took you long enough..

  3. Sooo… what you are basically describing is an android hdmi stick many people have 3 years now… Android on a large monitor in it's current state is a meh experience… Now if you did the same with remixOS… then we are talking…

  4. I tried this once in the past and no it's not even close to a desktop PC, it felt like I was jumping through hoops many times just to do some of the basic things and in the end it felt like my productivity level when down a lot compared to a PC, there's potential in the idea but personally I prefer my mobile phone for mobile use and keep my desktop PC for home use, we also have to remember that PC's will always be more powerful than mobiles phones so they can do more, I suspect in the long run mobile phones will be able to tap into your home PC's power and use it remotely anywhere by the internet.

  5. not replacing it. can you use smart switch to backup, restore or update the phone if something goes wrong, no. does it have similar or better features than a windows pc, not enough.
    but it is impressive.

  6. Can it actually run Windows programs in an unlimited number of windows, can I modify it inside-out so that it works the way I want? It can't be a PC if it can't do that, frankly. The PC isn't dead, you need a PC to do things more complex than annoying people on Snapchat and consuming media content.

  7. What about the difference of running off of a phone battery vs. running off of a desktop or laptop power supply?
    In that sense, could an android really replace a pc when it comes to power performance?

  8. If you use the tablet as the display you can have the same experience of using that phone alone, but on a bigger screen. I am actually using a keyboard for my daily use of the tablet when I am at college and I do not use it for typing alone (commands such as Alt-Tab work either). I was looking for an app that would allow your phone to be used as a track pad for my Android tablet, but the only thing I found needs rooting.

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