My FAVORITE ANDROID PHONE and it’s NOT the Google Pixel!


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  1. Great Review Armando, Just discovered your channel and subscribed.
    I have a 64 Gig model, I wish I'd have had gone with 128, its just a regret, I dont even use 32 gigs to be honest. One thing I have to say, the option to switch to hardware or software buttons is frigging awesome, The battery life is the best I've ever experienced with a phone. The Display and the cameras are awesome. I wasn't even expecting that good quality of speakers tbh, but they are far better than I expected.

  2. The display of the OP3 was a huge letdown. I love AMOLED, but 1080p is unacceptable considering the subpixel layout is pentile causing drastically reduced sharpness – it's almost as bad as 720p.

    Mate 9 actually charges faster since it has a much larger battery but equal charge times, but both are incredible.

    Your remark about Pixel camera skin tones is interesting – were you viewing the photos in sRGB mode? If not, you can't expect anything to look accurate.

  3. Don't agree with the mute-don't disturb slide: when the phone is off and I don't want to turn it on, I switch to the position I want to and well, it's very useful.
    And the touch id: I prefer the position on the 3t, because I can use gestures and wake it up even on a table.
    Other stuff: nothing, I come from a note 4 and this 3t is terrific, monster of speed and UI smoothness. Battery is OK ( always 4 hours and 30 min of screen use with sync with social and mail and GPS at high accuracy), cameras are OK for me and my use. It's wonderful.

  4. watching these reviews about op3 on my s7 edge makes me jealous sometimes. But hey, s7 edge is 100% unique and best camera imo. Not every tom dick and Harry has a s7 edge unlike iPhone or op3 ( at least in the region I stay).

  5. WTF…. Armando your title description doesn't match with your video… you talk about the Pixel and also things you like and don't like… and no one plus 3 in the title… c'mon Armando! oh then you say this is not an iPhone for the do not disturb feature, wow look at all those features that the iPhone has from Android… Armando your going the wrong way with your videos… I should tell YouTube just to pay you for not making videos anymore…

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