Neptune Pine Wearable Android Phone Unbox and Impressions


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  1. I know all those rich spoiled ass kids will comment that why dont you just get a smartphone but guess what my parent s don't pay for everything I need ivdont even have a car I have to bicycle all the way across towno work

  2. this is really interesting, i develop smart home devices with android and i believe this will be really usefull for me as its 100% android. 2 years later i hope theres a better looking one out there

  3. i was seaching for good smart watch with all fuctions and i found this one niptune pine amazing smart watchm this is my dream smart watch is it avilble in the middile east markets ???how much cost??

  4. I need your help. I hope you get this message and reply. I developed a weightlifting software for the android watch. I want to create a video of the software. However the cameras I use do not give the detail that you have achieved with your camera. My question is what camera brand and information are you using to create this video. 702-421-2776

  5. Can you pair the Neptune Pine to a smartphone and what kind of communication can it do with a smartphone? For example, if I start Google Maps on the smartphone will it automaticall send the information to google maps on Neptune Pine like it happens on AndroidWear?

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