(NO ROOT) Windows 10 On Any Android Phone (2017)


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  1. I think when your going to show a tutorial you should explain all don't just expect people to no how to work the laptop when you said you had all ready downloaded it how do you actually down load it you should show everything part by part don't expect people to no these things other than that well done you

  2. Just like Team Viewer app. Anyway, a good solution to Windows 10 users because Windows 10 can handle with touch commands. But… I still use Windows 7. Its more compatible with my old (and addicted) apps… or should I say programs? 😉

  3. Coukd you do a video of the new kodi build that's simple for my galaxy s7 edge as I am not the greatest at theese type of things and I have just subribbed to you there just now good work well done keep it up

  4. Hi this may seem silly question but can you uninstall the windows 10 if you do not like it on my galaxy s7 edge or is it still running android and I have to go into it to play around whith windows ten

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