Nokia EDGE 2017 Full Phone Specifications, Features, Price in India, Release Date


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  1. Nokia really sucks.. Still its not even close to Samsung or Apple. They really have to work hard on its style and features. I hope they can get market in South Asia,, but for sure not in Middle east or rest of the world..

    Nokia# Please improve or die..

  2. mehh…i don't think Nokia edge would be like this, it would probably be just like some of Samsung's hyper expensive crap. Remember S5? rumors saying that it would be like jesus and those fake photos like the ones you're showing. Finally they just got a phone that looks like a bandage with a pricetag of a lot.

  3. As long as they use the android OS they can make it as 'smart' as possible, it won't changes much. The only system that functions is apples iOS. I would really like to buy one, but they need a new OS system that is more user friendly.

  4. Sounds and looks nice though any phone that comes out in 2017 really needs to be packed with 4GB of RAM at least. 6GB RAM would make the most sense and keep up with current flagship devices. Also if 32GB is the largest for internal memory, that's rubbish honestly. 64GB is common now on basic devices.

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