Nokia Lumia 1020 – Must have apps for Windows Phone Starters


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  1. well, first of all you have to accept you are moving on WP then you have to understand that WP apps are better for WP x3 they running better! but nice video 🙂

  2. A past BB user here on my first windows phone for around 5 months now. Up until very recently felt pretty strongly that I would return to BB when upgrade was available because of limited apps, all notifications not in one single place, and it "seems" like it is more work to see some things. I also appreciated the "Business" mindset of the BB. 
    Thank you for the great video. I enjoyed the tour of the applications you use. I always enjoy seeing what others have on their phones. 
    I would like to know if others have found a better looking calendar though. I really do not care for the standard one that is on my phone. I cannot use a bi weekly setting for appointments. I find that all the reminder settings are Quite limited! AND the overall calendar where you view the entire month is so small it is difficult to view. 
    Any suggestions?

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