Nokia Lumia 735 Review | My favorite budget Windows Phone


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  1. Nice ending XD I have a question, does the Lumia 735 have Rich capture mode with Lumia Camera in W10? And in W8.1? My Lumia 830 got broken and I am not spending all that money again (basicly because Microsoft doesnt sell it anymore) and I dont really like the new Lumias… Dont know, Nokia is Nokia.

  2. I like windows phones, but my Verizon makes my choice limited. Verizon has the HTC One M8 Windows, LG Lancet, and the Microsoft Lumia 735. I wanted the M8, but it is too expensive, so I went with the 735. Nice review.

  3. Hi. I have two questions and I'd be happy if you'd answer them. I've got the same lumia. But I've got the black case. I bought it like this. But my case isn't glossy. I really like your glossy orange case and I'd like to buy it too. But I'm afraid if I buy it, it also won't be glossy like the black one I've got. So I wanna ask; Is the black one the only case which isn't glossy? Or where can I buy your case? 🙂 So, the next one is; At 5:59 you have your apps you pinned there with a low opacity. How have you done that? :0 Is it made with an app?

  4. Great video, thanks a bunch for making this! Already bought it a few days ago (hasn't arrived yet), but this just took away any doubts I still had. Looks like Nokia/MS knocked it out of the park, here!

  5. +Damir Franc great review. Loving the new camera setup (i know few weeks old) it really makes things look so life like.. I am really interested in windows phone but it lacking google apps make it hard to move.. or i need to start transitioning away from google..

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