Official WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8


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  1. sir,
    I have a window phone, but I can not get WhatsApp in it.
    When I open WhatsApp, then after doing everything in the last, i only just look that, setting up whatsapp, please wait . I request you to solve my problem in the head, sir please help me.

  2. I can't download whatsapp. It says my operator may not let me download it or something. This is fucked up, I actually had it on my phone before I had to restore system settings on this FUCKED UP OPERATING SYSTEM. Sorry for the harsh language but I'm so pissed off.

  3. hope whatsapp have the same app over the world, i'm from colombia and i want to purchase a mobile device with windows phone and one of my favorite app is whatsapp (on android)

    You recommend Windows phone or continue with android?  

  4. Diego, hope you see this.  I can't reply to your post.  Sometimes YouTube doesn't provide a reply link.

    In any case, it varies from app to app and country to country.  Just go to the Windows Phone Store and search for WhatsApp.  If it's there, you should be able to download it.

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