One Plus 5 THE BEST Android Phone for Your Money?


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  1. Hey Armando, I'm considering buying a DSLR camera to shoot videos for my YouTube channel, but a professional photographer told me a smartphone with 4K res was more than enough. What would you suggest?

  2. bien dicho well deserved excelle t review i think is because hatters gonna hate and yeah fuck me but yeah is well know that always one plus never miss out never dissapoint about the user experience thanks buddy and i miss súper like mmm and damn better than google pixel mm some persons said that is more fluent oxygenos than pixel both are excellnt

  3. Do people not want a camera that record in 4k? If so this phone is useless without OIS. I couldn't get a usable 4k video of my kids to save my life. janky, unstable and not even worth using.

  4. Thank you for saying this about 1080p. I'm so tired of companies pushing specs for the crowd that doesn't know what they mean, but see the bigger number and think it's better. Seriously I don't need a phone with more pixels than my PC. I don't need such a tiny screen with so many pixels per inch. It just adds to the cost and wastes battery.

  5. yep you just got a subscriber in me honestly best OnePlus 5 review out there can never beat real world usage and me never owning a OnePlus before this review I now a proud owner of a OnePlus 5

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