PIXTER Smartphone Camera Lenses – Unboxing & Hands-On | The Tech Chap


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  1. That's also my experience that the sharpness on the wide angel is bad. The focus on the macro is hard to get. A little overprised, I looking for a better wide angel. Any tips??

  2. I'd like to have seen how the telephoto lens works for portrait shots.

    As others here have said, these lenses seem to make overall sharpness worse but I'm wondering if that can help make a more pronounced background with shallow depth of field for portraits.

  3. Instead of having the crappy clip I dont know why they don't have a sort of half case that fits onto the phone that has a connector over the camera you screw the lenses into, be more secure and easier to line up. Obviously you'd need different cases for different model phones

  4. hey

    I appreciate the variety of content

    I'm slightly disappointed by these lenses especially the wide angle lenses which suffered from a significant loss in sharpness in comparison to the average s8 photo

    not worth the price

    in my opinion

  5. Great video and review but I would of liking to see the differences without seen you clipping the lens on its kind of distracting I would recommend you just cut straight between the differences​

  6. This is what's going on when marketing is a main tool ,
    The original manufacturer is Aukey but guys with pretty simple name
    takes idea and make re branding with new simple name and box
    and voila we have same product just for more expensive
    Why ?
    Because they sure that easily find someone who will will pay for same product
    plus advertisement .

  7. You should have compared sharpness and distortion on the edges, for these lenses. It would have been much more informative.
    You shouldn't make a commercial, but a review instead.

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