Ready Player One


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  1. I feel like this wasn't as good as i was expecting. Maybe cuz i came from infinity war. Some dialogue was cringey like the one where wade is talking about artemis' twitch channel. The whole movie was a cliche overdone plot with a unique element to it.

  2. in the sequel, they find out that the oasis is actually r/l and r/l is actually a game they were all tricked into playing by Og, who turns out to be Lucifer. It's called "Ready Player One in the Ninth Circle of Hell". it is known.

  3. Has any one else noticed that planet doom seems to move from sector 12 at the very begining of the move to sector 14. H says that IOI cracked the first 3 lines of the code so tgey knew it was sector 14 but couldn't figure out fortress tragic. And then atremis says they are on planet doom.

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