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  1. Tape machine? Will this give me a better quality sound recording then Android video application? Do I need a pop filter for recording my piano? Or is that just for vocal recordings?

  2. wow why not just record to the pc you got to set there and line the audio up when you move it to the pc and you can hear bleed in it you can buy audio interface used at guitar center and cheaper than a phone

  3. All I got is a phone and I been doing it with this app called tuneme but I really want some clearer vocals. whoever wants can peep what I done so far with just a phone, on my pg, but I'm lookin for some help

  4. That's how hip hop was startedmaking the best of whats available with intelligence skill and motivatinI'm an engineer from the bx that tell people I record their freestyles the same way to remember n pull up in the booth n imma show them ur vid brothanx

  5. The Tape machine is simply for your recorded vocals, you have to later import this acapella audio to a computer to sync it to the beat, it's best to patch the beat through headphones while recording, most mobile devices won't allow you to play music while recording, so all in all, you need both a phone and a computer to do this. which is only relevant if you don't happen to own a mic for your computer.

  6. holy shit this guys crazy I been sitting on my chair all day spitting in to my phone the same way he has been but one thing I was doing wrong was no POP FILTER! im using my speakers pop filter tomo and hopefully it works because all day my freestyle audio has these little pop sounds hopefully this is my fix. thanks man

  7. How to edit the song video i mean when you make the song and you finish it so you have to do a video how do you edit that
    And nice video bro 😃 you will be known rapper in the world

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