Review: LG G4 | My First Android Phone!


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  1. Would be great if you made more videos on the LG G4. Also, its great that you have something nice to say about android as an OS, as I know you've made many complaints in the past.

  2. Hey David. I'm debating making the switch back to Android. I've grown bored of iOS and I want some change. I've had Android in the past but left because of a horrible experience on the HTC Sensation 4G. Phones I'm considering are the LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6, and S6 edge. What were some things that stuck out to you that made you get the LG over the Samsung? Thanks

  3. I've been using an iPhone 4S for the last 2 years as my main phone. I bought an LG G3 as an upgrade, and I loved it! Up until 2 weeks after I bought it, lol. I still have the phone, but I am giving it to my dad, who wants a new phone, and I'm going back to my iPhone 4S for now! xD My house is an Apple ecosystem so I'm missing so many features on Android that my iPhone 4S had.

  4. David, I must say for a review, I found this video horrible. You read the specs and reviewed the camera – but that was just about it – I think what i mean is, this was a camera review – not a phone review. This phone is a powerhouse, its capable of so much more. It should also be noted that each "Android" phone's OS is actually different in the sense that it will be a different experience for each phone – example Lollipop on the Samsung and LG are way different. I do think you owe to all your followers who found this video helpful to give it an honest review, you need to go through the phone, with your camera facing the phone, not your face – you can still talk even if we can't see you – go through the system settings, the apps that come preloaded, the phone/contacts app, the gallery, etc. I appreciate what Apple has done for phones – its a quick powerful phone that's easy to use – I recommend them for old people and small children, If you are going to use a phone for work, productivity, camera, etc. then no, if you want to make calls and send the occasional text, and play on facebook and instygram then an Iphone will be perfect for you. I'm finished, I enjoyed a few of your other videos, but this one is a thumbs down. Cheers!

  5. Can you really give this phone a fair review when you haven't used other Android phones? Also there's a fair amount of iPhone praise here, when most hardware updates to the iPhone have been the next logical step and not necessarily a revolutionary overhaul.

  6. Great review!  Glad to see you've been enjoying your Android experience with the G4!  My roommate has the phone that's just the generation before this one, the G3, and he enjoys it too.

  7. Another great review David! Each time you put out a product review video I have noticed, not saying that you haven't done a great job on past reviews, but, each time you have done a better job at explaining why you chose specific pros and cons; as well as with your b-roll how the background matches the product. In my opinion the camera shots and b-roll of the product catches more of the audiences attention because people are able to see the built quality up close and the design. I would like to see a video on how the LG G4 Phone performs from whether it is a screen recording or shot with your Cannon. Would be interesting. Anyway, keep up the great work David.

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