Run Linux on your Android Phone (The Easy Way)


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  1. Ubuntu is shit! Canonical collaborated with Microsoft to make bash/ from Ubuntu to run on Windows which makes it a sellout. The other thing is you should question why Ubuntu reports everything back to Canonical and Amazon.

  2. plzz.. help file is not present in given above link..

    while runnning command "sh" error occur..>

    WARNING: If you have more than 255 apps installed on the SDCard, then mounting the ubuntu.img will fail!

    Apps on the SDCard associate with an encrypted loop device, and there are only 256 available to the system.

    You have to go to Settings -> Manage Applications -> On SDCard, and move some apps back to phone storage in order to free up a loop device for ubuntu. Make sure you reboot the phone after doing this, then try again.

    Please wait while booting ubuntu.img.. This can take some time…

    Exiting chroot environment and sync'ing memory to storage..
    DO NOT EXIT until finished – doing so may corrupt the ubuntu.img![78]: busybox: not found

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