Run Multiple Apps, All At Once on Android-Powered Phones


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  1. @cgonzalezdelhoyo Looks like you know nothing about Macs.

    You can install any USB peripherals, like keyboards, mice, card readers etc. If drivers are present, you can install it. Apple is not that limiting. "Small screens?" say hello to the 27 inch iMac.

  2. @ismaeldeltoro But the New Iphone now can't MULTITASK. It freezes the other app . So if your on Skype and go to the Web Browser. It puts you offline Cause your on another APP. ><

  3. @gselsidi
    They run in the background, thats why the music apps play music in the background.
    OR that i dont loose connection to my SSH.
    While going into my webbrowser to remember what command i needed, if your rusty 🙂

  4. Well, no, even if apps mostly don't "run" in the background on the android they have a "running" state, with an "instancebundle" saved with information required to get the program back up to the previous state in case it needs to be unloaded from memory. The difference between a paused application and a stopped one is small, but still clear for both the developer and the user.

  5. While that is (kind of) true, that has nothing to do with this. Topic is that he claims that the long-hold-home-button takes you to running applications, which is not the case.

  6. Currently testing the verizon droid while being a pre user for the last 4 months. The card multitasking is nifty and the gui is prettier. But the Pre is slow to respond to touch commands, this is probably it's largest disadvantage for me at this time.

    The droid on the other hand is very snappy, better browsing and has more apps.

  7. imho….thats not "real" multitasking…and the OS looks ugly i got a palm pre and i love the cards multutasking feature…much better than androids multitasking…thats of course my opinion

  8. It is misinformation to claim that they are running, since they are not. The program is stored in memory if the memory is not needed for other applications, but it has been terminated or paused. It doesn't matter that they can be quickly started because they are still stored in memory.

  9. It's not miss-information. Android is designed differently from Windows because the memory restrictions of mobile devices. Going into the details of how it works will take too long, but basically, the Android memory management is designed to give the user a feeling that all of their apps are running. The apps could or could not be running on the 6 recent tasks, but that shouldn't matter much.

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