Samsung Galaxy S7: The Best Android Phone You Can Buy [Summer 2016]


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  1. How can S7 be the best when the screen goes to black when you lower the light to under 40% and it's not possible to change batteries? And not to forget that the new material disturbs radio signals making it even weaker as a PHONE. Cause that's what this is still supposed to be right? A phone I mean. I'm waiting…

  2. I finally found you Mr. Fisher! I always enjoyed watching you on Pocket Now. You always do great reviews. Great quality content. Just subscribed! I also agree with you the S7 is a stunning piece of hardware.

  3. "If you can afford an extra 20 – 30 bucks a month…" As opposed to spending around what you'll wind up paying anyway all in one shot (cheaper or not).

  4. Tmobile has a great sale on S7s now ($360). I went to a Tmobile store to purchase an S7 outright at the sale price but they said I couldn't buy it for the sale price because I'm not on a qualifying Tmobile service plan. (I'm on a $30/mo Tmobile pre-paid plan).

    My question is, could I have someone with a Tmobile qualifying plan buy the S7 for me and then take the Tmobile SIM card that is in the phone I have now an put it in the S7 to get around this rule. I friend told me that wouldn't work because the phone is locked to the number of the person who buys it, but I thought a locked phone meant it is locked to the carrier and any SIM card from that carrier will work?

  5. how is this a bigger battery which makes it faster at charging but I have a 1760 MA battery phone :Alcatel onetouch: and it takes 30 minutes for it to get to 100% 🙂

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