Samsung Moment for Sprint Android Phone Demo


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  1. i was going to get the droid at bestbuy but verizon wanted 400 dollars for a deposit, so instead i got the moment. i think it's just as good as the droid…just not as cool looking though. It works though. feels nice.

  2. I heard that the battery has been draining fast, but I found out a way to reduce it. If you haven't, download "Quick Settings" from Android market to manage any un used apps and lower the brightness. From end of the day my batt life is at 80%. Give it a try.

  3. @niagrakrud2 easily… if u got around a month or less, just ask them if you can get a new phone early. if they say no, just pretend like you are about 2 cancell your account n get them 2 send u 2 the cancel service ppl. then tell them if you dont get your new phone (however many days/weeks/months) early, then you want 2 cancel your service… hell give you the phone… i do that every 2 years lol

  4. It also has a 24bit amoled display compared to an 18bit. and a 800mh processor compared to a 550mh on the hero. The hero is a good phone, and Sense UI is awesome, but Sense UI is a rescource hog and with a slower processor the moment will always be much faster.

  5. I'll be getting this phone in tomorrow (they were out at the store) the first thing I'm going to try is to teather this… so samuraishinobi, I'll msg you how it goes.

  6. I have this phone myself its pretty dope, but does have issues with the battery. It seems everyone that has this phone has the same issues just google it, Seems like you have to turn off a lot of things to keep the battery life going

  7. hey…i'm planning on getting this phone next month for an upgrade or whatever and i've been watching video on it and stuff but i have on question..does this phone have a twitter app like that of the HTC HERO?

  8. I've been experimenting with it just to see how long it can last. I am happy to say that it will last you the whole day. Like you said, just be sure to turn off all applications and screen save your phone. My concern was that I would would have to constantly charge it through out the day, but luckily I don't have to.
    Do you know if they have any gears to protect it from scratches? I've been researching, but no luck.

  9. The second, most helpful tip I found was to totally deplete your phone's battery. To the point where it will no longer stay on. Then charge it fully. I did this twice and saw a MAJOR difference in the battery life. Something about calibrating the battery so that 0%=0%. I hope this helps you guys and enjoy your kick ass phone!! 😉

  10. The battery is a big concern for people, me included. So I did some research and was able to find some relief. The first major thing was to make sure bluetooth, wifi, and GPS was turned off if not in use. if you are a smartphone/android novice like me, then you can go into Android marketplace and download "quick settings" . This makes it super easy to turn these things off/on with one click.

  11. Yeah it's just a setting too. You can drag and drop that into the garbage bin. If you need to search just use the search button on the Keyboard on the top left. I took it off because it was blocking the background pic. That and it just takes up a lot of space.

  12. okaay i have a question;; you know how on the main screeen- there are shortcutss. can you rearrange the shortcut or even delete some?? im debating between this phone and the instinct hd. i can't decide!

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