Scan documents with your Android phone


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  1. what's the difference between capturing your document on your phone or installing this app? don't they both offer the same thing? if so, this app makes my camera phone a bad name!

  2. for instance, you buy a brand new laptop or tablet and then need to install some apps which it is not offered by your device. and you left with no choice to download the app as substitute which would screw up your entire device.

  3. I wonder why a famous incorporation such as google, doesn't create something like this so that people would use the app safely without having to worry about spyware install on their device? most of the useful apps created by random users, it would be a good idea for people to start a petition so that more incorporation do the same. this way the consumer would get the same outcome except it is safer to use.

  4. reducing a paperwork sounds like a good plan for the new innovative world. people are becoming a lot self-efficient these days than in the past.

  5. Tried handy scanner. It worked great for about 5 scans. Then I got a pop up message telling me that I reached my limit. And to continue I needed to upgrade. Thanks but no thanks. I'll find another app.

  6. Actually you don't have to use paper as much as you'd think. I use an infinity binder. Oh and screw handy scanner. Google drive (or evernote) is where it's at.

  7. This is not a scan of the document, this is a cropped photo. Do you really need an app to crop a photo and change the contrast/white balance? Am i missing something here?

  8. @FxNitr0 lol just wait another few more days and it will be on the App Store… this App basically lets you take pictures, crop, and save as JPEG and send it…

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