Security 101 – Protect Your Android Phone


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  1. Rooting cannot remove security features.
    The term rooting refers to gaining administrator priviledges by allowing certain apps to act as the "root" user account.
    All devices have a root user. The only way this could be dangerous is if you allow a malicous app to get these priveledges.
    With root on my phone, I have actually made my own system changes to make my device more secure.

  2. Another thing you can do is get a vpn. Vpns protect you from malwear and make it hard or impossible for hackers and snooker to steal your identity. If you are looking for a free vpn I suggest to use hotspotsheild.

  3. the tipps are relativly pointless. The biggest issue on Android (and particuly every Mobile os) is not Maleware – its privacy. the most dangerous things are apps, with access to everything on your device (Calender, Contacts, SMS, Location) and these are apps from the Playstore. So whitout root, you can nothing do about it.

    Of Cource, rooting a device needs responsibility: not google, Samsung or your carrier takes care of your device: you do and if anthing messed up, its your fault.

    But whitout root, you can't access the ip tables from the linux kernel to build up a firewall to manage whitch app is allowed to grant internet access. Whit a firewall management, its totaly equal, witch Permissions a app grant, if the app cant connect to the internet, no personal informations will send to a developer.

    And also: whitout root, you cant delete preinstalled Software from Google or the Carrier – and a lot of the preloadet apps needs to much permissions.

    You also need root to setup the Tor Bundle from Start-up, so that every internetcommunication will rerootet through the Tor Network, witch gives you a extra layer of security in order that no app can locate you anymore.

    Also is root needet, to deny permissions form an app: why should a calculator read your Contactlist? whitout root, there is no way to deny permissions, but whit root its easy to set up different ways to deny this permissions.

    also its pointless that just apps from Google Play Store are save: in fact, the most secure App repository is F-Droid from the Free Software Foundation: its the only Repository that give you transparent informations about the things an app do and warns you if an app grants unneedet permissions, apply Adds or need connection to an unsecure webservice.

    if you need a real secure android, there is no way to get whitout root, in fact: as long as google services are active, your device never will be secure – so the best thing is to install a custorm rom (Cyanogenmod perhaps) and delete from this Rom the rest from Google services (like the Calender App) and set up Firewall, Permission management, Adblock and the Tor Bundle and only install applications there are profed by the Free Software Foundation (from the F-Droid Repository)

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