Setting up Torque pro on an Android phone with ford enhanced. Powerstroke


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  1. can you check fuel injector pressure for each cylinder? My truck is not pulling any codes but feels like kinda like a misfire. I have a programmer that was hooked up to it but since I have started having problems I disconnected the programmer.

  2. This man left a wealth of information. I just watched this video and I'll have to watch it 10 more times to try to understand everything he's talking about, what an amazing guy. I just bought my first 7.3L van and his info is a huge help. He will continue to help me and others for a long time to come. What a tribute to his life, thank-you Ron.

  3. Ron has been so helpful during his time on youtube. I bought my first truck yesterday, an 06 crew cab lariat, and there's no way I would have felt comfortable with the purchase without Ron's way of explaining the 6.0L system.

  4. THANK YOU FOR VIDEO Will you either demonstrate for me or tell me how to set up i.e. 2 graphs comparing o2 sensors 1 and 2 (only have one bank) so i can see if i have a bad cat. i have looked endlessly directions for doing things on torque and kind find them. I would like to set up couple of graphs and save them prior to pairing up the phone. i don't know if i have bad cat or bad 02 downstream sensor on dodge with 90000 miles. wish there was a pamphlet or active forum to get on.

  5. Does the Dash Boss read fuel pressure and egt's with the kit when used with a 7.3 powerstroke? I have read they aren't compatible with the older trucks with regards to egt and fuel pressure.

  6. such a great video. If I have a 2006 trailblazer, do i need to set up Pids and custom PID and what would that be for a trailblazer. Not sure where to search or find that info. thanks for making the video

  7. Great Video THANKS!
    We have a crank no start condition on a 2003
    HPOP has been replaced once
    The ICP was replaced when the turbo was replaced a few months ago

    This started out as a Hot no start then got worse to a no start at all
    Air tested the oil system with no leaks
    We did find a hole in the IPR screen, cleaned IPR and replaced screen, then air tested it. Opening and closing with the OTC IPR tool
    Cranking we have the following
    FICM=52.0Volts (Aftermarket)
    FICM Sync=1
    ICP Voltage = .5

  8. Been using TorquePro for almost 3 years. Works great but a lot of initial setup. Got tired of searching for a reliable BT adapter. They seemed to not work far too often. Gave in and spent money on a high end adapter. Hasn't given a single connectivity issue.

  9. I followed your instructions to a 'tee', but I can't get the FICM Sync function to respond. Also, would you explain the 'boost' feature? It's tied into MAF somehow?? Why is it at zero unless accelerating?

  10. Hi dieseltechron …can you do a video for a I phone…..please..!!!!! And also if you can tell me what is the best scanner (or program for a laptop)…… work on diesel pickups ……I looking for one but no sure what to buy……thank you appreciate..!!!

  11. I have Motorcraft IDS and Snap-On Verus w/Mitchell's and for most problems end up using this $5 app running on a $65 OBDlink bluetooth connector driving a $99 Samsung tablet. Great for generic codes and if you spend time on the TorquePro and other forums you'll learn how to extend it easily with manufacturer specific codes — my extended, Ford-specific PIDs rival IDS now.

  12. Having much the same problems as Milton is having. The Ford Dealer would only tell me that the #8 injector coded as the problem, after reading Miltons fuel filter problem wondering how common it is for the filter to deteriorate and cause injector problems, or if I have an injector problem at all.

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