Should Windows Phone fans give up hope? #AskDanWindows 25


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  1. If windows phone came back it would need to be dockable and double as a laptop or desktop. Windows phone could come back and in a big way they just need to do it right. I never owned a windows phone but always wanted one just wanted it to get a little better. I really liked it a close 2nd to iPhone. I actually like the home screen with the tiles way more than any of the others. I don’t care for windows surface at all but the windows phone was awesome

  2. I miss my Lumia, which was running Windows Phone 8.1. Loved it, just found myself needing more app functionality (bank apps, YouTube, etc.). I like my Android Device, but definitely miss things about WP — especially the keyboard and tiles (yes, I know there's an Android tile launcher, but it doesn't seem the same).

  3. I don't mind not having cutting edge phones, as long as OS development continues, which it is. I always enjoy watching the Iphones prices drop as they age. Just fyi, Lumia's prices are rising… why?

  4. Too bad I can't download Windows 10 into my phone and boot out Android because of some things Android is cheap on compared to Windows 10 and IOS. I'd love to have NFC in K20 Plus to make it a true Plus!

  5. i'm waiting for my ALCATEL 4S XD .. it arrives today… for work Windows 10 phones are better. Are safer than android, and if you use Windows as OS on PC it makes more sense XD … also, if you blame the "lack of apps" on Windows store, its because you like to use shitty apps that' fucks with your smartphone privacy and security (google play = shitty apps ). On Windows 10, you can DEVELOP ANY APP that u need XD, with powerapps. if you are a zombie that thinks "smartphones are for social nerwork only", probabily u should stick with IOS and leave WINDOWS PHONE for REAL computer USERS. OFFICE 365, AZURE, AND MORE +++ … The only problem with Windows mobile its because are ahead of his time. and people, most of people, cant handle technology like it should be. thumbs up for Microsoft XD

  6. I have been using the Lumia series for the last four years. I really liked the OS and never had one glitch with them. I used android before that. Being that Microsoft is dropping support for the Windows phone, I have decided to switch to the iphone.

  7. I gave up my Lumina 640 in June and am now using Moto G4. All hope for a "Surface phone" coming out in the near future is dead. The most anyone can hope for is the day when full windows 10 OS could run on a smartphone and that is at least 3 years away.

  8. Hi, should I buy a windows phone or Android phone? What are the benefits of buying windows phone other than MS Office? How is the gaming experience in Windows phone as well as Android phone ?

  9. I am staying with Windows OS on my phone unless Microsoft shuts Windows OS on me.
    I have 950 XL as my main device and it does a lot for me and I have Lumia Icon as my Beta device where I get to test WIndows Insider Fast ring.

    Windows 10 is awesome and as of now, Microsoft is doing Marshmallow study on their consumers using windows on mobile. Patience will be a key to success. Hang on and never give up. Great things are on a way.

    If I was Windows Central guy, I would never suggest people abandon the ship for uncertainty. I would rather find some reliable answers from Microsoft and make consumers more aware of developments.

  10. still loving my lumia 950xl and no i do not want to switch. i use the extern connection app from microsoft to my home pc and use bluestack on windows 10 to play andriod games. Yes its sometimes laggy but he you can play those games.

  11. I switch to Android today, it's a big shame that even Microsoft does not believe in Windows Phone, the best user interface running on top of an incomplete Phone OS (Nokia Lumia 830)

  12. I used windows since 2012 and have moved over to android now since the beginning of this year. I still have my Lumia 650 which I will probably keep. I just got the Nokia 6 and it is a great budget phone with the best build quality of any phone out there. All aluminum body. Very sturdy and nice weight to it. NOKIA was great with windows and I hope it will be with android when they start releasing more powerful phones

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