Smartphone Awards: Best Android Phones of 2017 (My Top 5 Favorites)


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  1. Oh my goodness!!!  It's a YouTuber that ACTUALLY knows that the Essential Phone exists!  Thank you for not being an ignorant snob and realizing that the Essential Phone is worth it!  Nice video, and more power to ya in the new year!

  2. Are you crazy or not?You have included Blackberry keynote, Essential phone etc in the top 5 smartphone list but not the LG v30 which is actually the best phone and most complete phone of the year…..

  3. I currently using ip 5s and now thinking on switching to keyone. Will it be a good purchase and will I have the same experience between both phones? In terms of speed (not a gamer,multitasking more on social media n youtube) and media consumption ( im used to the ip5 small screen)…

  4. I never knew that you were a math professor and which University do you work at and what math do you teach? I would love to have you as a math professor, you seem like a super cool professor.

  5. Anyone had any issues with dust getting in behind the glass covering the cameras? Or even dust on the lens itself? Its happened to me and shows up as a small black mark/smudge

  6. All very subjective as my favorites include the xz premium, HTC U11 PLUS, Mate 10 Pro and Pixel 2. Reviewers tend to ignore Sony, no idea why, but they are some of the best phones out there. The U11 plus is what the Pixel 2 xl should have been and is £270 cheaper to boot for better spec, if that is not in your top 5 I will be shocked. The mate 10 will excite those that are hung up on bezel size. A monster phone, £350 less than the Note 8 and no way the average consumer would buy the Note as a value alternative between the two. I suppose the bezels on the Pixel 2 are too big but IMO a better bet than the Pixel XL 2 if a smaller phone is your choice. Lots of deals for the new Pixels, unheard of last year, so suspect sales are poor; no surprise as the U11 and Mate 10 pro offer better phones at much cheaper prices. Looking forward to your “value” top 5 as the Note and Pixel 2 XL will surely not make the cut!

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